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Matthew Rathbun has traveled across the US and abroad bringing the latest information about trends, techniques and tools to real estate agents looking to upgrade their careers. With a unique blend of geekiness, humor and an in-depth knowledge of the practice of real estate Matthew makes agents think differently about the world.  Matthew is a self-proclaimed ‘worst- student-ever’, and during each class he puts himself in the learner’s seat and with a little mental acrobatics brings a unique spin to how agents can increase their business and serve their clients at a higher level.

Matthew Rathbun

Negotiations:  Effective and Systemic

It’s what we do… From before our first meeting with the client to negotiating the contract we are negotiating during every aspect of our careers – so lets’ learn to do it right. This session focuses on proven core negotiation tactics, plans and systems to help you not miss an opportunity to position yourself as the best option for clients and for your clients to get the best protection in their transaction.


Speaker:  Matthew Rathbun

Matthew Rathbun is a veteran instructor with a unique blend of geekiness, humor and an in-depth knowledge of the practice of real estate. Matthew is a licensed broker in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia and the Executive Vice President of a large, multi-office firm in Virginia and has served in various capacities in the local, state and National Association of Realtors. Matthew is a frequent contributor to various industry publications and speaks at various national conferences, including Inman, national franchise conferences and the National Association of Realtors.