Who is Caroline Barb……

Having lived and worked in multiple cities for over three decades since 1984, allowing only infrequent and short visits home, I developed a longing desire to spend more time with my parents, Margaret and Jim Barb. Since “retirement” is not in their vocabulary, the only way to satisfy this desire was to return to my hometown in Virginia and join them in the family real estate business. In the summer of 2019, I became a second-generation VA licensed Realtor with Jim Barb Realty, Inc.

I have been blessed with a plethora of professional experiences in various industries which have enabled me to cultivate a multitude of transferable skills. I have spent my entire life focusing on the importance of relationships and how to better serve others with my time and talents. I thrive when faced with opportunities to listen, learn and grow from meeting people of all walks of life willing to share their personal journey, dreams and goals. As a natural servant leader with a sincere passion for helping others, the transition back to real estate made sense. Having spent years as a licensed Realtor “behind the scenes” in residential real estate (2002-2010) coupled with the more recent years in the financial services industry as a recruiter (2010-2019) in Georgia, it is truly an honor to now be working alongside my parents serving our local community of Clarke County and its surrounding areas in all things real estate.

2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of Jim Barb Realty. I am fortunate to celebrate this milestone with my parents and honoring their numerous years of service on multiple boards at local and regional levels. It is a great pleasure to join them in this exciting and ever-changing environment as I follow the family tradition of service and giving back to the real estate industry and our community. My hope is to serve you. My promise is to deliver on integrity, humility, flexibility, resilience and empathy.

It is an honor to currently serve on the Board of the Clarke County Education Foundation since July of 2020.

On a personal note, it’s no secret that I am a child of God, follower of Jesus, a lover of people, and all things America. I believe in matters of the heart, the importance of relationships, inspiring others, and always doing the right thing. I enjoy hiking, running, biking, playing tennis, visiting local wineries & essentially all things outdoors. Frequent trips to Atlanta to see my children and three grandchildren are a priority.

I am a loyal supporter of InTouch Ministries, and enjoy spontaneous gifting to other organizations that align with my beliefs and passion to help people such as Daily Hope Ministries, NAMI, and The American Red Cross to name a few.