Application and Guidelines for Director Seat 

Application Deadline – August 16, 2021 COB

  1. Serve a three-(3) year term or the remainder of the unexpired term of a director who has resigned or been terminated.
  2. Responsible to the President.
  3. Function is to formulate and implement all plans, operations and financial policies to operate the Association to best serve the membership.  
    1. Qualifications and Requirements: 
    2. Must have actively served on at least one (1) committee. 
    3. Must attend the Professional Standards training in the first year of the commencement on the BOD. 

Other expectations of the Association are: 

  • Attend monthly BOD meetings on the third Thursday of the month.
  • Attend the Annual Achievement Awards Banquet in March 
  • Attend Annual Membership Meeting in October 
  • Attend BRAR’s Annual Leadership Retreat  
  • Attend VR’s Annual Leadership Retreat in December 
  • Be assigned to a committee as a BOD Liaison (potentially one meeting a month, depends on committee) 

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Role of the Board of Directors

The Board oversees the affairs of the Association in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the Virginia law under which the Association is incorporated. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure that the Association is managed in such a way to ensure this result.

In general, the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), selected and appointed by the Board of Directors, administers BRAR’s day-to-day affairs through the staff he or she selects. The Board of Directors will regularly monitor the effectiveness of management policies and decisions, including the execution of its strategies. Directors have no personal responsibility for errors and omissions of BRAR management, employees or agents provided those persons were prudently selected and the Directors’ reliance on them is reasonable.  The Board of Directors may delegate its authority to staff, but it cannot abdicate its responsibility to monitor and evaluate the staff’s performance.