Blue Ridge Real Estate School Policies

Below please find the policies for in-class instruction, virtual (Zoom), and all cancellation/inclement weather policies.

 BRAR will send students a one-week and two-day reminder with link to course materials and online Zoom information (if applicable).  Students are urged to register prior to class to ensure they receive an email with course materials link to view/download.   

Cancellation requests (written or phoned) (VA CE) will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. two business days preceding each class. All paid tuition other than the $20 non-refundable, non-transferable to another person (Designations & Broker/Principles Pre-Licensing cancellation fee per course -$100, Ten attendee class minimum requirement) deposit will be refunded. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after the close of business on that day. (Requests for refund consideration due to extenuating circumstances must be received by BRAR in writing within 15 days after class start date). 

Students registration will be transferred to new date of class if postponed. Students can use registration as a credit toward another class or receive full refund. 

Recording for the purposes of personal branding/marketing during classes must be approved in advance’ (instructor/BRAR). All phones need to be put on vibrate or silent. Laptops/iPads are encouraged to view class materials.  Children (under high school age) are not allowed to accompany students to class. Children shall not be left in the common areas unattended. 

 Class will begin promptly at the time noted. Students may not miss more than five minutes per credited hour. Students missing more than allotted time for class will be automatically disqualified from receiving class CE/PLE credit. Those students who have paid but have missed more than the allotted minutes are welcome to sit in but will not receive CE/PLE credit for the class. Moreover, if a student is disqualified because he/she is late or misses more than allotted time, no refund will be granted. 

Payments must be made at the time the registration is made. BRAR accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA credit cards, checks should be made payable to BRAR. If the payment is not made at that time, the student is subject to losing the reservation if the course should sell out. Any registration received without full payment is not guaranteed a seat until payment is made in full. 

BRAR will make every attempt to forward CE/PLE credits within five days following each class. You should receive an email confirmation with Certificate when credits have been sent forward. However, VREB may take a little longer to get those credits posted. If you are facing an impending license expiration (i.e. this month) it is not recommended that you rely on these credits for renewal purposes. BRAR will not refund class registrations based on delays in CE/PLE reporting. We recommend that you keep diligent records for yourself on all CE/PLE classes you take. We further recommend that you become familiar with the process for checking your credits online at 

If Winchester City Schools cancel classes, BRAR will cancel its scheduled classes. If Winchester City Schools delay its classes, BRAR will delay/cancel the morning class. If Winchester City Schools close early, BRAR will cancel the afternoon classes. Please watch the morning news programs to learn about any cancellations or delays. BRAR will make all reasonable attempts to contact those students who are registered for a class to notify them of any cancellations in advance. Please be certain that BRAR has your correct email address and daytime and evening phone numbers when you register. BRAR will make every attempt to post on the website about any cancellations. An email will be sent to students before 7:00 a.m. notifying of class cancellation or delay. 

In our commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act, we would like to know if you have any disabilities which require special accommodations, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services. If so, please contact BRAR as soon as possible to expedite any special arrangements.

Once classroom space for any course of the REALTOR® Institute Program has been filled, registrations for the course will be accepted on a standby basis only. Policy pertaining to the processing of standby registrations is as follows: 

  1. As standby registrations are received, the registrant is assigned a standby number on a first-received, first-served basis. This number indicates the registrant’s position in line for any openings that may occur in the course. 
  1. Any standby registrant not contacted prior to the session is to assume that class openings are not available. All tuition payments will be promptly returned at the end of the module. 

If on the day of the module, there are registrants who do not show up for the course, standby registrants who are present will be admitted in order according to their position on the standby list. 

BRAR reserves the right to change its policies and terms without notice, and a person’s continued use of the site will signify acceptance of any adjustment to its policies and terms. If there are any changes to the BRAR Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, changes will be announced on the BRAR website. 

To cancel a course and request a refund contact the Blue Ridge Real Estate School at 540-667-2606 or email 

No registrations for any classes will be accepted without payment in full. 

Virtual Training Policy

When registering for a virtual training class, a zoom link and course materials will be sent by email one-week prior to class date. Students agree that they will comply with BRAR’s virtual training policy when registering for a class.

When attending a virtual class with BRAR, all students must adhere to the following regulations:

  • A BRAR staff member will be monitoring each class.
  • Failure to comply with any of the regulations may result in forfeiture of CE/PLE credit.
  • Students may be removed/”kicked out” and restricted from further entry
  • If a student is disqualified/restricted, late, and/or misses more than the allotted time window, no refund will be granted.

  • Students must register and pay for classes through the BRAR’s membership system portal.
  • Upon receipt of one-week reminder, please register using the Zoom link to receive Zoom class login information.  Please feel free to print your course materials or download and save them on your device with the course materials link that is provided.


  • Students should plan to enter the training 5-10 minutes before the slated class start time to ensure entry to Zoom.
  • Students will be placed in a “waiting room” until the class begins.  You may be muted upon class entry.
  • Students will not be permitted entry if more than 10 minutes late to the start of class.
  • You will be disqualified from receiving CE/PLE credit if you leave the class early,
  • Remember your cameras are required to be on during the entirety of the class.
  • Please make sure you are attending the class from a “professional” setting and are dressed appropriately.
  • Students are responsible for the performance of their own technology including audio volume, video clarity, and a reliable internet connection. Please visit to obtain specifications for your computer and internet.
  • You MUST connect with a device that has a video/audio connection. You MUST be visible on screen to meet Virginia REB requirements for continuing education credit for the entirety of the class.  Failure to be visible may result in disqualification and removal from the class.
  • The camera on the computer must remain stable and UNMOVED during the live training.
  • Students may not share their computer with another student.
  • Students may be muted at any point of the class by the host, instructor, or BRAR staff member.  If you have been muted, BRAR asks that you remain muted unless addressed directly.  This helps with overall class learning and communication.
  • All students are required to fully participate and engage in class discussions and polls.  A BRAR staff member will be monitoring the class for participation and engagement.
  • Students may not be driving while participating in a class.  Students who are seen driving will be removed and disqualified from the class.
  • Students may not participate in other computer-based work while attending the class.
  • Students may not take phone calls during class.  Breaks will be allotted during each class.
  • Please remove/limit distractions (i.e. pets, family members, music, TVs, etc.)
  • The chat function will be available to students should they have questions or comments related to the class topic and materials.  A BRAR staff member will be monitoring the chat box.
  • Students will be responsible for completing a course evaluation and returning the document within 24–hours of completing the training. This is required to receive credit for the training.


  • Earphones are a plus, for clarity.
  • Keep your device plugged in so your battery doesn’t die, and you don’t get knocked out of the class. If it does, you will be counted absent during the time you are not on camera. More than five minutes could result in your being locked out and not given credit.
  • We must be able to see you through your camera in order to certify that you are present. Please ensure that there is enough light in the room and that you are clearly visible.
  • When the class is over, be sure to select the option to “leave” the meeting.
  • If you have any questions before your virtual class, please reach out to
  • If you need technological support with your course, the Virginia REALTORS® Tech Helpline may be able to help.