Annual Board of Directors Election

The Board of Directors shall have the duty to conduct the general affairs of the Association and delegate and adopt such rules and regulations as deemed proper and are not in conflict with the Association’s Bylaws, Association’s Strategic Plan, nor in conflict with VAR and NAR Bylaws and policies and procedures as applicable to local Associations; and not in conflict with any regulatory agency policy and/or law as related to the industry.

Newly elected board members are notified of their election at the annual meeting in October.  They may attend the last board meeting of the current year as non-voting members.  Upon confirmation of elections, the Association Executive will send an orientation packet to the new Board members.


  • The Board of Directors shall hold regularly scheduled meetings each month with the prerogative to cancel a meeting when conditions permit. Whenever possible, the meeting should be held on the same day each month as decided by the current Board.  The meeting is open to members of good standing and their attendance be known prior to meeting.
  • The annual membership meeting shall be held in October or as needed, per the BOD. Furthermore, meetings of the Membership may be held at other times as the President or the BOD may determine, or upon the written request of at least twenty percent (20%) of the Members eligible to vote.
  • A special Board of Directors meeting may be called by the President or upon request to the President by at least four (4) members of the Board of Directors. At least forty-eight (48) hours notice shall be given for special meetings.  Reason for meeting must be noted.
  • An emergency Board of Directors meeting may be called by the President with a twenty-four (24) hour notice.
  • A quorum for the Board of Directors shall consist of at least seven (7) members.
  • Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.
  • Information on the BOD’s meeting shall be sent to the Directors prior to the meeting.
  • Minutes are an official record of the Association and may be used as evidence of the proceedings. Minutes will be recorded by the AE.  The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for reviewing the minutes in a timely manner with any revisions.  Minutes will be reviewed and approved by the BOD at the next board meeting.
  • The minutes of any meeting of the Board of Directors shall be available, upon request, to any member in good standing of the Association—only after approval of the minutes by the Board of Directors, or in accordance with the
  • President may elect to hold electronic voting unless BOD requests a formal meeting for further discussion.
  • Executive Officer team meetings will be held one week prior to the scheduled board meeting for preparation of meeting agenda.