Committee List



Get Involved with BRAR by Joining A Committee! 

Joining a committee has always been a great way to make new contacts, learn about the new trends in the industry and have a hand in shaping the Association’s direction. See below for more information.

Affiliate Business Group
Plans and coordinates events which will enhance the Affiliate Members ability to network with the REALTORS®.  Increases awareness of our Affiliate Members and works to increase our Affiliate Membership base.  Meets 1st Tuesday of each month.  Chair:  Andrea Turner, Vice Chair:  Denise Snapp, Staff Liaison:  Teresa Kirkhart

Awards Committee
Develops award programs and award criteria for the Association. Renews nominations for recognition awards. Meets when needed.  Chair:  Dan Whitacre, Staff Liaison:  Karen Fried

Education Committee
Develops and presents educational and informational programs for the membership. Coordinates the Real Estate Schools Instructors. Coordinates the Lunch & Learn program. New Member Orientation courses, Trade Show Education courses and programs relating to the industry. Meets Monthly on the first Thursday.  Chair:  Renee Fredericksen, Staff Liaison: Teresa Kirkhart

Public Relations/Community Outreach
Keeping REALTOR® Members informed of events of the association and issues that could affect their business.  Helping to promote the REALTOR® to the public.  Community help with local charities.  Group meets first Thursday of each month.  Chair:  Paige Ulevich, Staff Liaison:  Nancy Silva

Legislative/RPAC Campaign Committee
Promotes the interests of real property through recommendations to the Board of Directors by monitoring legislative activity on all levels.  Communicates the legislative positions and rationale of BRAR, VR and NAR to the membership.  Monitors Virginia REALTOR® “bill review” process to assess which issues need membership attention and input. Group meets when the 4th Thursday of every month.  Chair:  Traci Shoberg, Staff Liaison: Karen Fried

Professional Standards Committee
Conducts ethics and arbitration hearings as required.  Members shall be appointed by the President-elect and the CEO, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.  All procedures shall be governed by the Code of Ethics & Arbitration Manual of the Association of Realtors®, as amended from time to time.  All members are required to attend the all-day Virginia Realtors® Professional Standards Training Seminar yearly.  Chair:  Ray Padgett, Vice Chair:  Patsy Williamson, Staff Liaison:  Nancy Silva

Safety Committee
Dispenses relevant information and activities to the membership.  Group meets when needed.  Chair Jaclyn Fleet, Staff Liaison:  Nancy Silva

Scholarship Committee
The Blue Ridge Association of REALTORS® offers scholarships to students who are family members of Primary REALTORS® and Affiliate members of our association.  Scholarship Committee members convene to present as well as select recipients of the BRAR Annual Scholarships.  Chair:  Andy Hensley, Staff Liaison:  Nancy Silva

Young Professionals Network (YPN)
The Blue Ridge Association has obtained the charter from NAR to join a growing group of career-minded real estate professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest resources, tools, and networking opportunities.  Meets as needed.  Chair:  Amanda Magana, Staff:  Nancy Silva