Welcome New REALTOR® Members 2020

Welcome to all our new members who have joined in 2020!  We wish you success and hope you continue to shine!

January Members

John Cantrell

Callie Smith

Cynthia Anderson

Deborah Holbrook

Charles Stotler

Tiffany Vincent

Abigail Pierson

Danielle Fout

Elizabeth McKenzie

Loretta Carden

Mary Casselano

Shane Bowman

February Members

Chase Presgraves

Michele Bouve-Hoffmar

Margie Bartles

Sharon Faarinholt

Mary Carroll

Wilford Carroll

March Members

Brieanna King-Kulik

Natalie Dalecky

Ashley Renwick

Joan Culbertson


April Members

 Allison Butler

Colleen Widger

Daniel Delozier

Jodi Cilley

Leigh Phillips

Nicholas Shoberg

Lawrence Butler

May Members

Edward Fife



June Members

Judith Rudat

Theodore Hunter

Patricia Mendoza

Teri Scott

July  Members

Lorrie Jenkins

Carlos Soares

John Manuel

Grettel Rodriguez

Victoria Lord

Janine Tibbs

August Members

Arianeli Carino

Francine Clark

Frederic Bates

Christopher Collingwood

Elizabeth Ownings

Gerald Minett

Pamela Dors

Clinton Deskins

Jerry Balkcom


September Members



October  Members

November Members

December Members